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Microlab D22 - the best

Microlab D22 is a very interesting outdoor speaker system with many additional features for users leading an active lifestyle. This is confirmed by the bright colors, the design with protection from external influences, the mount, and the strap.
The speaker is able to entertain the user is favorite music from a mobile device or a memory card.
Besides, it has FM-radio and the ability to use the speakerphone. Also, the advantages of this speaker
should definitely burn a universal power supply. In general, the device is really nice-looking, well-made and fully justifiesits price.

Microlab D-22

Nowadays, its hard to imagine our lives without mobile devices, and many of us listen to music with their help. Even though smart phones and tablet brands are working hard to regularly release models with advanced sound features, the quality is still far from ideal. There are a variety of portable wireless speakers, greatly expanding the acoustic capabilities of mobile devices. They are easy to take with you on vacation or a party, because of the built-in battery.

In this review we present seven of these portable outdoor speakers.

Model: T5

Microlab is currently only searching for its vector at the wireless audio devices market. At different times we had absolutely different devices with Bluetooth at our editorial office: a multi-function bed-side Microlab MD310 BT, desk top two-component Microlab H30 BT. Today, we have received a device from new product line, Microlab T5, which is maximally similar to those compact systems which we usually test in our Decorative Audio Devices section.

Model: -2

Stylish light and comfortable stereo headset designed with the latest Bluetooth technology. This device combines technical functionality with the brightness of non-standard design. Microlab T2 is ideal both for office workers, who value convenience and comfort, and music lovers aspiring to high quality sound.

Overview of Microlab T1 headphones

Buyer is association with Microlab brand is quite obvious and guessable. This is not surprising, as this brand has become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and reliable multimedia acoustics for PC in the mid-2000s.

Microlab SOLO9C digital solo.

New stereo system from the leading producer of PC acoustic systems is available for use with the huge variety of devices. This system may be plugged with several ways – 2RCA input, digital optical or coaxial input.
The distinguishing feature of SOLO9C is the availability of HDMI (PCM). The technology of receiving the signal allows to receive not only sound but to retranslate video signal to the TV.  

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Microlabs 15th anniversary

Recently, the most impressive sound equipment was just launched by Microlab M-200 Platinum.

Its stylish finish design and quality sound performance made Microlab M-200 Platinum to one of the most popular exhibits that was showed in many exhibitions and retail stores. But there was a long story behind the success.

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Check the website www.pcgarage.ro, answer to a few questions about Microlab products and win a Microlab speaker.

Back to school!

SOLO 3C: test by Chip.ro

One of the most important Romanian IT Magazine, Chip, has tested Microlab SOLO3C.

rapportal & microlab

We are more than happy to announce the final verdict of our contest run with our music partner Rapportal.pl where three of our awarded models stood for the awards: Microlab FC330, M880 and FC362W.

Win 3 fantastic audio sets in a contest Microlab with Rapportal.pl

Once more all music lovers, especially those of RAP enthusiasts, are invited to take part in our contest with attractive awards.

video review of MD 312 on youtube

our bluetooth 2.1 model MD 312 is special created for picnics and pool parties. watch the video review on youtube

New contest for RAP enthusiasts :)

We are happy to invite all music lovers, especially RAP enthusiasts, to our next contest with attractive awards to win.

FC 50: quality sound even at a lower distance!

Just listen to the strict and detailed playback allowed by this specially designed acoustic system. Most of us usually spend much time sitting at the table with the speakers located at some distance to provide better sound quality. Thanks to the HC2D technology, developed by Microlab, FC50 gives you truly new impressions while listening to the sound from the source located closer to you.

FC 20: bass as perfection!

For the ideal music joy and crystal playback. Together with the elegant design new Microlab FC20 gives you this.

FC10 attractive design and quality

One of the latest Microlab brand-new models FC10 - targets the modern design and technology lovers, due to its unique shape. The system includes incorporated digital signal processor (DSP) allowing the user to feel the real sound.

MD 220 ideal small format sounding for your notebook and tablet

Brand new Microlab product is a little portable sound panel with the speaker. MD220 is ideal solution for smartphone and tablet users. Pure and powerful sound, universality and modern design attract every “on the way” music fan.
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