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iH-11: review on thegamegrader.blogspot.com

These are some of the most solid speakers we have seen. They are not too busy, just simple rectangular shape with strong wooden outside and a faux-leather covering. A brushed gunmetal plate at the bottom of each speaker face adds additional style points.

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Microlab H-11 has been recognized!

Microlab H-11 has been recognized as the best innovation of the month according to PC magazine! Another ringing sound of fanfares and flourish though dazzled, but rotates with a clearly calculated speed and exclusively in the right direction! And ask, you dear users of our products, and we will happily tell you about our remarkable model once again.

review in hungarian PC World

Meet Us at CeBit 2010

Microlab Technology Co,. Ltd will attend CeBIT 2010 Trade Show from 2nd to 6th, March, 2010. Welcome to our show!

HALL 016  A20

Review of Microlab H11 Speaker System

H11 is one more speaker system, released by Microlab under the multimedia product series, designed for demanding users. It is assumed that this low-end model is for those, who are not ready to buy the Solo series speakers. Nevertheless, it comes with certain unique features.

Microlab again is among the most distinguished! We take the honourable II place!

How good or bad was the year 2009 and with what baggage have we descended on the immediate future? Dozens of special publications together with us were engaged by this issue. Here with fanfare, the annual iXBT prize “iXBT Brand 2009 – Readers’ choice” is awarded. Hurray! Microlab again is among the most distinguished! We take the honourable II place!

Microlab SOLO-6 Stereo Amplified Speaker System Review

There are a lot of companies who go under the radar when you have the bigger companies controlling the market.  One of these companies is Microlab Technology Co. LTD operating out of China.  You’ve probably never heard of Microlab before but this review will introduce you to this relatively unknown manufacturer that has been producing some very good products overseas and has even famous loudspeaker specialist Peter Larson working as an acoustic consultant.
Today we look at one of the pieces Peter Larsen helped develop, namely the Microlab SOLO-6.  The SOLO-6 is a versatile speaker system with a competitive price point in mind.  But don’t let that fool you because this thing can belt out! 

Microlab M800 enough good and cheap

Every year computer users feel themselves better and better because of the fact that all products, that were made by the modern technology, are enough cheaper. The given confirmation belongs for all spheres of our life, and multimedia sound – is not an exception

Microlab PRO-3 - is the golden mean

Whom Solo 7 is a lot, and desktop models are not enough, whom who loves a good sound, but does not suffer from audiopfilia which make people change satellites every year, passing to more and more expensive models, those who appreciates not only the content, but also design – all these people should look at Microlab PRO-3. This model became a legend. "The best passive satellites in the class for the money. A correct design. Natural timbres. The expressive bottom and the bright middle" – so it is spoken about.

Microlab Solo 7 semipro

There is such term - a peoples product. Usually it is good developed product at a rather low price. Other words, the best in its category and actively bought. Todays satellites are from this series. They have already received popularity in the people, however there are many users, which are look at them and wish to receive full review about SOLO-7C. We will try to depict.

Microlab SOLO series test for durability is continued

As rule, 2.0 systems are intended for music listening. Sometimes it would be desirable to create not only a silent musical background at the computer, but also to fling yourself into the atmosphere of a rock concert or a philharmonic hall and even to organize a home disco. Small desktop satellites will not be suitable here anymore; especially with the big sizes of an apartment it is necessary bigger capacity. Acoustic systems Microlab Solo 7C can provide this capacity.

A Review of the acoustic system Microlab PRO2

People’s specialization becomes more and more narrow, and there is another situation with computers - they have combined game machines, video editing and sound recording studios, cinemas and the musical centers. And as nobody overturned the laws of physics, universal acoustic system is necessary for a qualitative, good sound. Let’s see, how much Microlab Pro 2 answer the description.

Microlab SOLO 6 active stereo satellites with remote control

Microlab SOLO 6 is active stereo satellites, which deservedly have won the award "Leader of the class" in our comparative testing "the Crystal sound". The reasons of success of this model are not casual. The manufacturer expends many efforts to reach the quality at rather low price of an end-product. As it is known, the strongest side of the Asian factories - is manufacture, but isnt development. With new models of satellites the Microlab company has taken a serious step to a direction of own development
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