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Contest with Chip.PL - win speakers from Microlab!

And again we are pleased to announce our new contest on FB!
This time with CHIP.PL

Need for Speed: play for free, win speakers from Microlab!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

For our customers and friends we extend our best wishes for holiday season!

Microlab & PCGarage.ro

Starting November 26th, during 10 days, Microlab & PCGarage.ro  have a radio campaign on Pro Fm, one of the most important Romanian radio station.

Win a Microlab set speaker with Radio GSP

Youre passionate about football? Microlab and Radio GSP reward you for passion for Football. During UEFA Euro 2012, you can win a Microlab speaker set, B18.

Microlab MD112: awarded by media-mixture.de

Summer is coming and calling us outside: seas and oceans, swimming pools and barbeque on the green green grass... What do we have for relax outside? Beer, games and the squeezing sound coming out of your little smart phones...

Microlab represented better solution for this trouble in summer – Microlab MD112 which is actually the mini-speaker for the mobile phones, MP3 players, notebooks, FM radios and much much more. It is ideal for the trips thanks its storage battery, pretty sound and nice appearance.

And now we can taste the sounding with our test.

Microlab FC 360: Recomendation Award by PC PRO

If you don't want to fiddle about with surround sound, or lash out potfuls of cash on an audiophile setup, there's an awful lot to be said for hooking some simple 2.1 speakers such as these Microlabs to your PC.

Microlab M-700U: Gold award from the "Cartago´s Review"

Microlab M-700U  is a 2.1 system leaving nice impression especially taking into account the costs of less than 55 €.
Impressing quality and very good sounding remind more expensive systems. Strong bass and perfect medium frequencies sound like the system for 200 €.

Microlab FC 360 5.1: reviewed by ITsvet.com

The sound is clean and pleasant, with a deep, soft bass, and it definitely justifies its price.

Microlab M 500U: reviewed by ITsvet.com

The price of this system is not high, and the ability to play music directly from USB memory or external SD memory cards is the main difference in relation to similar models.

Microlab 880: Best Buy award from PCarena

-880 is declared to be a kind of mix of style and nice price. We have decided to check it and describe in our test.

Microlab H-200: Style award from hardbloxx.de

What do you expect when watching the movie? Thunder, blasts, screams, sounds of breaking glass… After the blast on the battlefield the windows will jingle or you will have the feeling of quest somewhere in the Elvin forest or will shake with fear while watching the horror… All these effects may be introduced by really qualified acoustic system. It should not be a surround one by all the means. Much of 2.0 and 2.1 systems have all abilities to introduce such effects and atmosphere around the viewer. In our review we will test stylish H200 system from Microlab. This producer of hi-tech systems has combined sound and style in this 2.1 system. We will show you how the system behaves in our test report.

Microlab FC 362W: Gold award from HW-journal.de

Based on the obtained results and perfect productivity for the handsome price we grant Microlab FC362W with our Golden award for the outstanding achievements.

Microlab H-200 2.1 Silver award from hardwareluxx.de

Microlab H-200 has honestly gained the Silver Cartago award...

interesting facts about sound... Mi'kmaq Indian Tribe

In Mi'kmaq Indians’ language, some trees are called in accordance with the sound produced by the wind blowing through them an hour after the sunset. And when such sound changes, the names of trees are altered either.

Microlab M700U: awarded by xsreviews.co.uk

Sound is one of the most overlooked areas of PC enthusiast-dom. Its not as exciting as overclocking your GPU and its difficult to measure the quality. That said, getting yourself a good set of speakers/headphones can make a big difference to your media viewing and game playing, but the price can be a difficult barrier.

Today Im looking at a 2.1 speaker set from Microlab known as the M700. Its supposed to have big bass, big sound without the big price tag. Lets see if those claims ring true.

interesting facts about sound... Mozart

Mozart experienced the creative enthusiasm when he listened to his nightingale.

Catalog of our products

Now you can easily browse our catalog:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ASBIS Gets Microlab Exclusive Rights

ASBISc Enterprises Plc. (WSE: ASBIS), a leading distributor of IT products in emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has been granted the exclusive rights to distribute Microlab products in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Ireland by signing global distribution contract with Microlab Electronics, one of the leading producers of the acoustic systems and computer peripherals.
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