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Microlab H 12W: Price / Performance & Editors Choice Awards by tech-review.de

Many users still do not take seriously the sound for the personal computers and factually there are lots of reasons for this. They have never had the joy of listening to the high-class sytem and consider these devices as something secondary. Others face the lack on the working space or unavailability of connection of the notebook to quality acoustic system for the best performance. In order to solve the last issue Microlab Electronics has recently represented its new H 12W system. In this case W means wireless trasmission of the sound signal to the speakers. So that you may use H 12W at sufficently greater distances while having the comfortable seat at you favourite sofa with the Notebook.

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Microlab M 500II: Performance award from gamezoom.de

The acoustic system Microlab M500 II 2.1 should first of all interest the thrifty users.

Microlab Solo 6C Speakers Review big sound at a small price!

If you have just built an updated computer in 2011 then a new, high quality set of speakers should not be underestimated. There are no shortage of high quality speakers at a £200+ price point, but what if you have only £100 to spend? Are you left with only clinical, harsh, poorly designed budget speakers? Microlab might just have the answer with the Solo 6C set of speakers, designed by Danish audio expert Peter Larsen.

Microlab H12W: review

Microlab offers product that, as for computer speaker set, far exceeds the expectations of the average gamer and listener of compressed MP3 files.

Microlab H-200: Referenz-Award from hardwaremax.net

Microlab H200 is inspiring us together with the future owners!

Microlab H-200: Price-Performance Award and Editors Choice Award from tech-review.de

As an outcome, Microlab H200 is one of the best products in this price range and will suit any audience for this 150 € price.

Microlab FC 362W: Recomendation by pcfoster.pl

Once again Microlab has proved the knowledge of how to introduce the quality multimedia speakers.

Microlab SOLO-15: Award by digitale-generation.de

Once again the wood has proved the perfect quality as sound ejector. The sound is pure on the high, low and medium frequencies. The bass is also impressing for the system of such dimensions. 2x40 Wt RMS sounds almost as an underestimation. Even at the highest possible volume level sound remains pure. You may just find little limits on the medium frequencies. Here you may sometimes face fuzzy crossing, but we should also admit that the system is 2.0 and belongs to the “below 100 euro” price range.

Microlab FC 362: Bronze-Award by hardware-factory.com

Any of us is striving to buy the best quality sound for the lower price. Many of the honorable producers suggest the high quality sound in the multimedia acoustics segment in order to help customers to find the best choice in their range. Microlab Electronics follows this customer oriented direction presenting its FC362 to the market. Microlab describes itself as an “open, creative and dynamic brand” and attracts the customer with the 2.1 systems for the workspace or home apartments without the necessity to compromise in design or assembly quality.

video presentation of MICROLAB

Microlab FC362W has got an "Editors Choice" by itrends.dk

Microlab FC362W has got an "Editor's Choice" for powerful set that not only looks good, but also sounds really good. There is really power inside and most people will love it.

interesting facts about sound... sounds of life

A palpitation of leaves produces the sound with a power of 30 decibels...

interesting facts about sound... deaf people can speak on the phone

Almost deaf people speak on the telephone...

Microalb FC 362: Test review by Planet3D

Some time ago we have announced new Microlab models. The companys motto Just Listen may seem too self-assured, so what is really suggested by the brand?

interesting facts about sound... giraffe

There is a widespread opinion that giraffes as voiceless animals...

Microlab SOLO-15: High End Award by gamezoom.net

And one more time Microlab has proved the knowledge of how to produce the perfect speakers without overloading the market. SOLO15 povide you better assembly quality together with the clever use of potential, which is even more than stated by the producer. This gives you the advantage of pure sound delight. Even on the maximum volume.

Hannes opinion: Perfect price/quality ratio. Editors choice!

interesting facts about sound... hearing through teeths

Should you take ticking wrist watch in teeth and close your ears...

Microlab FC 362W: Award by GamingXP

If your are interested in buying the acoustic system with the perfect sound but for the slight price, Microlab FC362W should be object of your attention. Due to the ordinary appearance it may perfectly suit every apartment interior together with the home theater or your work place, providing the quality sound.

Microlab FC 330: IN4.PL - "recommendation" and "best buy" for the perfect sound in its price class

Appearance is a matter of taste, but for sure it could not be described as ugly. Personally I like design , especially its wooden sides and black veneer of solid MDF.
Its finish and materials are in good quality and it`s hard to believe that it can be bought by Internet in price of 205 PLN. In that price this set is great occasion.
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