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Microlab H200: The leader in 2.1 speaker systems

In comparative testing of 2.1 speaker systems, Microlab H200 speakers were named the Leader in their Class.

Microlab FC530U: Product of the Year 2011

Microlab’s new FC530U Speaker System, introduced in November 2010, was named Best Speaker System for PCs and Product of the Year 2011 in the Mobile & Digital Devices category.

See you on CeBIT-2011 in Hannover!

We would like to invite you to our booth on CeBIT in Hannover.
You will find there our new models, including the iPod/iPhone compatible models!

Hall 16, Booth No. C17

See you there!

video presentation of M-700U

We are pleased to announce our video presentation of M700U. Enjoy it!

neue M-700U - MyVideo

new M-100MKII instead of M-109: same characteristics, but more beatiful design

Quality speakers designed for multimedia and computer application. Ideal for music appreciation and PC / notebook audio addon.
Microlab's 2.1 subwoofer technology for depth and resolution.
Surround system that fills your room with clear and perfect acoustic

- Quality 2.1 subwoofer system
- Ideal for digital multimedia such as movies, TV, CD/DVD and Mp3/Mp4 playbacks
- Microlab M series, your ultimate introduction to serious music entertainment
- Side volume control for easy adjustment and volumes
- Crystal clear satellites for dynamic audio movements

new FC-360 2.1 system: looks better, suitable for any room

2.1 + 1 setup with standalone amplifier
Full range sound production with deeper bass using subwoofer
Powerful and crystal clear sound system                        
All wooden speaker cabinets for excellent audio handlings
Connects to most media players such as Mp3/Mp4, LCD TV, computer and CD/DVD

New slogan - new Life!

just listen.pngQuality of our products is confirmed by quality certificates.
Our products have earned numerous awards
Thousands of people are working on the quality of our products
Millions of fans are impressed by the sound of our products…
We could talk about our products very long … but we won’t…
Better, than thousand words , sound will prove it…
You will believe us… just listen…

Merry Christmas!

You are special, you are unique! Let your Christmas be as unique as you are!
Merry Christmas!

Solo2: THE BEST QUALITY award in comparative test with Logitech and Genius

Solo: the winner in the comparative test with Genius and LogitechMicrolab Solo 2 has won BEST QUALITY award in comparative test with Genius SW-G2.1 1250 and Logitech Z313
Read more about award on FranzPC.pl
See the technical details for Solo 2C here.

how to make women happy...

links to our video about that, how to make women happy.

Best gift for the Christmas...


Impact of various acoustic frequencies on women

Researchers across the world study the impact of various acoustic frequencies on humans. Our employees also attempted to find out how the sound reproduced by Microlab speakers influences people Watch the video

Microlab & Nordic Symphony Orchestra: quality music requires high-quality speakers. Meeting place: Estonia.

On 25th November 2010 high-quality and popular Nordic Symphony Orchestra (NSO) gives concert in Estonia Opera House.

New iPad/iPhone Docking Stand with built-in speakers

Microlab wins 2011 CES Innovation Award...

...with new iPad/iPhone Docking Stand With Built-in Speakers Giraffe.

Model range upgrade

Some models will be upgraded, some models will be new...

Follow our news. We will describe these models soon...

Microlab Video

We introduce new Microlab video commercial.
Authentic sound of a live performing band when you push just one button Sensation of presence in a live concert Just listen.

We encourage you to leave comments on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Our distributors in Belarus

We are pleased to announce, that since 01.10.2010 microlab is represented in Belarus by three official distributors:

video presentation of SOLO 6C

We are pleased to announce our video presentation of SOLO 6C. High fidelity and definition bookshelf stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Enjoy it!

Microlab online!

We are pleased to announce our new Microlab Online project.

Changes in the Company

A very important, even a landmark event took place in the history of Microlab: Its founder and leader Mr. Zhang Tzhi left his post, and a new CEO, Irving Wang, took office on June 11, 2010.

Now in Germany!

The fans of high quality sound from Microlab are in for some good news: Our speakers are now available in stores in Germany! For more information please contact our exclusive German distributor Api.
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