Solo 5C

Remote control
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Model: Microlab Solo 5C

High fidelity bookshelf stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab special care and audio expertise, this series is ideal for most living room setups. Listen to crystal clear and dynamic music with this stereo pair and witness the quality in its audio drivers. High resolution and near perfect performances, simply stunning audio production quality. Stereo pair with high quality speakers that reproduces near perfect sound. Wooden cabinets for solid audio handling, and minimum distortion. Powerful sharp cone dispersion design on woofer for perfect audio experience. Comes with infrared remote control for quick access.
Basic features
·         Easy-to use remote control
·         The amplifier is constructed on discreet components (without microelectronic integrated circuit)
·         Unique silk high frequencies speaker was designed by Peter Larsen
·         New light low and medium frequencies speaker belongs among FineCone series
·         Powerful and quality amplifier was designed for balanced, detailed and clear phonation
·         Wooden frame was constructed for best performance
·         The system could be placed near monitor, TV or any other equipment because it has safety protection with magnetic shielding of speakers

The same time two sound sources connection possibility

Technical Specifications

Amplifier specs

Output power
80 Watt RMS
Power distribution
40x2 Watt
Frequency response
55x20 000 Hz
Signal/Noise ratio
85 dB
55 dB

Speakers specs

Tweeter driver type
Bass driver type
dark wood
Remote control




174 x 257 x 309 mm
Product Net weight
10,00 kg