H 500D

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Model: Microlab H 500D

Acoustic system H-500 D– is one of the best models for creating home theatre, listening to favorite music and many others. Quality volume sound allows you to submerge into the world of music, films and computer games. Excellent design and color “red wood” are realization of classic style and finely fit any interior.
The quality of acoustic sound becomes better due to subwoofer and satellites are made from the wood.   You can set the model near the monitor or other appliances without worrying about appearing troubles: magnetic shielding of speakers prevents them.
Resonance vibrations are also minimized, as satellites and subwoofer stand on bases.
High volume level of the system is provided by optimal output power. The feeling “sound surround” appears as all 5 satellites and subwoofer work, even during the listening to stereo signal on this model.
Clear phonation of high frequencies is reached due to 2band satellites. The fitted digital decoder also minimizes sound troubles. The vented box is situated at the flank side of subwoofer that allows to set subwoofer near the wall and to save the area. 
You can connect at the same time some sound sources to this model (for example, computer and DVD player). The choice of sound source is realized by one button without cable’s changing.
The remote control is included into kit.   Equalizer allows creating 4 individual tunings, which are also controlled by   remote control. This model has sleep timer condition.

The difference with the Microlab H -500 – is the presence of decoder and digital inputs (optical and coaxial).

Performance attributes
Output Power                 320 w: 5 x 45 w + 95 w RMS
Frequency range 45 - 22000 Hz
Frame material                wood
Sensitivity                      300 mb
Strength                          satellites - 6ohm, subwoofer – 4 ohm
Signal/noise ratio             over 85db
Channels separations      50db
Speaker size                   satellites –3 ”+3/4, subwoofer-8”
Protection                       Magnetic shielding
Remote control               Yes
Colors                            red wood
Satellites                        122х182х220 (mm)
Subwoofer                      267х310х340 (mm)
Weight                            satellites: 2,3 kg, subwoofer: 11,5 kg

Technical Specifications