Microlab in the UK

Microlab Technology is focused in acoustics and computer peripherals production. Company foundation was in 1998 as a result of pooling of interests of two huge businesses — American International Microlab and Chinese Shenzhen Microlab Technology.

From the first days of foundation company's major activity lines became scientific researches, innovation developing and adoption in sound systems creation branch. Really competitive production was performed from the beginning due to investments in self development and strict quality control.

For twelve years, Microlab has focused all its attention on making high quality speakers.
For twelve years, it has excelled by attending to every single detail in its operations.
For twelve years, it has devoted all its effort to fill people’s lives with beautiful music.
For twelve years, it has always placed the customers at the highest priority.
For twelve years, it has been a responsible corporate citizen, winning applause by giving back to the society.
Over the years, Microlab has adhered to its core beliefs without wavering.

Key development phases:

1998 Edgar Jeang and Jack Wang found acoustic laboratory, that began create multimedia stereo systems with subwoofer.
1999 The company started mass production of 2.1 multimedia speakers (well known Model M-200)
2000 Microlab technology got world-wide recognition that had documental approve quality conformance certificate ISO 9001:2000 (British NQA). Production spaces expanses to 4500 square meters. The number of employees became more than 400 people.
2001 Production spaces increased to 15000 square meters and the staff was more than 1000 people.
2002 Trade mark Microlab became well-known all over the world due to High quality and stylish designed products. Computer enclosures and power supply units branch were also developed in that period.
2003 Microlab Technology started researches in creation Hi-Fi acoustic systems for home theatres. One of the most famous sound engineers in the world — Peter Larsen was invited to get a position of Chief engineering consultant.
2004 High quality and stylish design helps Microlab to conquer Markets of Southern and Nothern Americas, Europe and Asia. For the expansion of production aims Company bought lands about 100000 m2 in ShenZhen (China) to build industrial park with total area over 150000 m2.
2006 Microlab Technology extended range of its production. The first hi-fi acoustics, developed by Peter Larsen appeared in Europe's retail. New industrial park started it's work at longang in ShenZhen city.
2007 Microlab had almost placed at new production area in a huge industrial park. Those year company implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and certified on 14001:2004 ecological management standard. New strategic goal were set to all company — to develop and produce high quality, but affordable to majority acoustics. New Solo product family created a furor on Multimedia acoustics market, and Pure product family made Hi-Fi available for many people.
2010 The enterprise changed its name, too: beginning August 30, 2010 the new name of Microlab Technology Company Limited is Microlab Electronics Company Limited. In the same year production of Microlab officially enters the markets of Western Europe (Microlab Europe GmbH).