A 6352

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Model: Microlab A 6352

Aesthetically designed in unique pyramid shaped speakers. Beautiful speaker system to fit your living room or even the bed room. Layout in 2.1 subwoofer system for wider sound spectrum and depth. Fits in most room types such as bedroom, kitchen or even your studies.
Featuring delicate woofer created for stronger bass and compact satellites for clear highs. Woofer is directed downwards for improved bass effects. Cube shaped satellites for improved stereo effects.
Ideal for multimedia use, connects directly to any 3.5 mm stereo interface. Comes with wired remote control for quick volume control and 3D effect. Rotary volume dial for fine level adjustments such as master volume, bass and treble.
  • Powerful 2.1 speaker system with built-in amplifier
  • Total rated power of 38 Watts RMS
  • Ideal for gaming, music and PC applications
  • Unique pyramid shaped subwoofer cabinet with base woofer design
  • Consist of 2 cubed shape satellites speakers
  • Full audio spectrum performances, ideal for your favourite entertainment from Mp3, Mp4, CD/DVD movies and digital playbacks
  • Comes with 3D sound function for special sound effects
  • Wired remote control with master volume, bass and treble

Technical Specifications

Amplifier specs

Output power
38 Watt RMS
Power distribution
2x9 + 20 Watt
Frequency response
50 - 16 000 Hz
Signal/Noise ratio
80 dB
60 dB

Speakers specs

Tweeter driver type
Bass driver type


3.5mm stereo x2
3.5mm stereo


103x100x105 mm
251x171x251 mm
Product Net weight
2.6 kg