H 500

System 5.1
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Model: Microlab H 500

Powerful and high fidelity 5.1 highend speaker system with excellent acoustic handlings. Microlab finest technology, and production techniques. 5 outstanding high resolution satellites for excellent resolution and performances.
Made from the finest MFD wood material for perfect sound productions and natural tones.
Comes with VFD display unit and remote control, perfect for Home Theater system and movie effects.
- Top of the line 5.1 subwoofer speaker system with clear acoustic and dynamic depth
- Made from finest quality 8" woofer, 3.5" polymer mid-range, and 3/4" NdFeB tweeter that produces near linear response curve
- Top quality MFD wooden cabinets with smooth and natural sound properties. Powerful satellites with excellent acoustic delivery
- Ideal for high fidelity music enjoyment and movie entertainment
- VFD display panel and controls for convenient adjustments and status display. Includes wireless full function remote control

Technical Specifications

Amplifier specs

Output power
270 Watt RMS
Power distribution
32x5+110 Watt
Frequency response
20-20 000 Hz
Signal/Noise ratio
80 dB
50 dB

Speakers specs

Tweeter driver type
Tweeter rated power
32 Watt
Bass driver type
Bass rated power
110 Watt
Remote control




122 x 220 x 182 mm
267 x 340 x 310 mm
Product Net weight
25,70 kg