Solo 1

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Model: Microlab Solo 1

High fidelity and definitive bookshelf stereo speakers with beautiful wood finish. Designed with Microlab special care and audio expertise, this series is ideal for most living room setups.Listen to crystal clear and dynamic music with this stereo pair and witness the quality in its audio drivers. High resolution and near perfect performances, simply stunning audio production quality.Full range audio production from its quality tweeters and woofers. Special heritage range for Microlab's 2.0 system that employs high quality design techniques and speaker knowledge-perfect sound quality and near linear response. Comes with infrared remote control for wireless control from your favorite sofa.


  • Beautiful wooden cabinets with excellence sound quality, powerful 2-way speaker system
  • Crystal clear dynamic highs. balanced mid range and deep bass
  • Reference monitor quality, driven by high quality drivers
  • Each cabinet with 1" tweeter for high notes and woofer for mid to low depthand bass
  • Includes infrared remote control

Technical Specifications

Amplifier specs

Output power
60 Watt RMS
Power distribution
30x2 Watt
Frequency response
10 -20 000 Hz
Signal/Noise ratio
75 dB
50 dB


Tweeter driver type
Woofer driver type

Package contents

SOLO1C satellites
2 pc.
Remote control
1 pc.
3.5 - 2RCA cable
1 pc.
Speaker interconnect cable
1 pc.
User manual
1 pc.


DIN jack


177(W) x 290 (H)  x 215 (D)  mm 
Product Net weight
19.9 kg