Microlab FC 530U: Product of the Year 2011

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Microlab’s new FC530U Speaker System, introduced in November 2010, was named Best Speaker System for PCs and Product of the Year 2011 in the Mobile & Digital Devices category.
Every spring season major consumer electronics producers in Russia are worried and exited before the official hanging of the «Product of the year» national award.
Microlab Electronics is happy to announce winning of this honorary award in 2011 by our FC530U! We give our thanks to all our brand fans!
The official hanging ceremony took place on the 14th of April 2011 in the Crocus city, one of the Moscow’s major exhibition and shopping malls. It was dated to the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011.

Microlab FC530U was the best in the nomination of «PC Acoustic systems».
The respectable jury was formed by the chief editors of the major regular issues including: Digital Photo, DVD Expert, IT Expert, PC Magazine, Publish, Stuff, Total DVD, www.avreport.ru, www.ferra.ru, www.nomobile.ru, www.prophotos.ru, www.hifiNews.ru, www.Mobiguru.ru, AudioMagazin, Mir PK, Phototechnic and video cameras, Consumer, Russian photo, Salon Audio-Video, TZ; and other market experts for the audio, video, photo, computer, mobile and portable segments.
Since 2003 the «Product of the year» award brings its priceless contribution to the development of the consumer electronics market in Russia. For all these years it has become the symbolic event for the electronics producers and distributors as well as for the customers. Right here the best of the best on the market of audio, video, photo, mobile and portable electronics for the upcoming year are marked and selected.
Since 2009 the leading retail chains and outlets place special «Product of the year» labels on the shelves assisting the customers in making the right choice. The label serves as a special sign of the professional’s choice highlighting the selection of jury and as follows the major product advantages.
Microlab Electronics Co. Ltd. is one of the strongest players on the multimedia acoustic and computer periphery market. For more than 10 years the company is working out the Sound for personal computers and other systems. Microlab produces the wide range of multimedia: from the portable stereo systems (2.0) to home cinemas at the highest Hi-Fi level (5.1).
Microlab Electronics Co. Ltd. follows the frontline experience in creating the acoustic systems. Our major consultant is Peter Larsen, world famous acoustic engineer. We are developing the alliances with such honorable constructors as Dr. Kurt Muller’s bureau, developer for Skanspeak and Seas.


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