Microlab FC 362W: GOLD Award by overclockingstation.de

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While testing the model we were impressed by the quality of the sound which is closer to the quality of more expensive systems. We had the opportunity to enjoy the pure sound on each volume without any distortions or alien effects.

There is no doubt in Microlab FC362W is a good, or even exlellent 2.1 system. Wireless technology has no bugs, even in case the location of the sound source in a next room. Besides that, the assembly quality is on top.
Of course you may find the systems with the higher characteristics on the market but the cost will make sence.

Taking into account the test results and the system capabilities we grant FC362W with our major prize – GOLD AWARD, having in mind some slight shortages.

Moreover, we are awarding this system with the PRICE/PERFORMANCE AWARD for the perfect price/performance combination.