Microlab H 12W: Editors Choice by tech-review.de

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Many users still do not take seriously the sound for the personal computers and factually there are lots of reasons for this. They have never had the joy of listening to the high-class sytem and consider these devices as something secondary. Others face the lack on the working space or unavailability of connection of the notebook to quality acoustic system for the best performance. In order to solve the last issue Microlab Electronics has recently represented its new H 12W system. In this case W means wireless trasmission of the sound signal to the speakers. So that you may use H 12W at sufficently greater distances while having the comfortable seat at you favourite sofa with the Notebook.
Versatile is the best word to say about H 12W. From the visual point the system is a classic black coloured design and from the acoustic point the sound is really encouraging. H 12W has immediatelly moved to the top-sellers list in its price segment. It is well balanced and has no bugs. Perfectly adapted frequency range together with the spatial representation allows these small speakers to obtain the price performance tip status. While the majority of the competitor’s products have the serious trap in the middle frequencies H 12W is distinguishing here. The system is first of all your perfect solution for the PC sound, but widely allows you to playback the variety of musical formats.
Microlab H 12W is also perfectly suits for the playing the games and watching you favourite movies.
In general, the system is perfect for this price segment and we award it with our prize for Price / Performance and reccomendation.


+ Very nice sounding of high and middle frequencies
+ Perfect representation of the track musical scene
+ Homogeneous tuning
+ Easy customization of the wireless connections
+ Remote control as a unit
+ In some cases the depth is not enough for games and movies