Microlab SOLO9C – digital solo.

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New stereo system from the leading producer of PC acoustic systems is available for use with the huge variety of devices. This system may be plugged with several ways – 2RCA input, digital optical or coaxial input.
The distinguishing feature of SOLO9C is the availability of HDMI (PCM). The technology of receiving the signal allows to receive not only sound but to retranslate video signal to the TV.  
Thanks to the variety of plugs Microlab SOLO9C may be used for:
·         Home disco with your mobile, mp3 player or PC
·         Full involvement into computer game atmosphere. Gamer will hear every move and rustle
·        Turning flat TV sound into rich, powerful and full of effects space surround
The appearance of new model saves classic lines of SOLO line.
High cases are MDF made, with additional thickness. Speakers are protected by black acoustic fiber. Additionally on the face panel you will find settings display.
Control is performed with the wireless remote controller or with the side regulators of the case. Available settings are: volume, high and low frequencies.
Available settings on wireless remote: volume, high and low frequencies, sleeping mode, mute, source selection.