Microlab Solo 6C Speakers Review – big sound at a small price!

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If you have just built an updated computer in 2011 then a new, high quality set of speakers should not be underestimated. There are no shortage of high quality speakers at a £200+ price point, but what if you have only £100 to spend? Are you left with only clinical, harsh, poorly designed budget speakers? Microlab might just have the answer with the Solo 6C set of speakers, designed by Danish audio expert Peter Larsen.

The Solo 6C claim to offer ‘rich’ audio quality with detailed acoustics, full bass and ‘vibrant’ treble. There is even a remote control in the bundle to offer control over volume, input, bass and treble. Their construction relies on MDF to reduce distortion caused by vibration and they have been designed to enhance the overall experience from compressed audio files, such as MP3′s.

Overall, the Solo 6C create a soundstage which is warm, if slightly two dimensional. They work fantastically well with acoustic and rock tracks, lending a feeling of intimacy when listening to a tight rock band or individual musicians. Acoustic music sounds warm, inviting and very enjoyable.

Microlabs have clearly worked hard in trying to reduce the nastier elements of compressed music playback and it really works well. I would recommend a cheap set of speaker stands, because when set up correctly the bass response is much tighter, and dynamically focused.