Microlab M700U: awarded by xsreviews.co.uk

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Sound is one of the most overlooked areas of PC enthusiast-dom. It’s not as exciting as overclocking your GPU and it’s difficult to measure the quality. That said, getting yourself a good set of speakers/headphones can make a big difference to your media viewing and game playing, but the price can be a difficult barrier.

Today I’m looking at a 2.1 speaker set from Microlab known as the M700. It’s supposed to have big bass, big sound without the big price tag. Let’s see if those claims ring true.


Microlab have created an incredibly impressive kit here. The M700s are an astoundingly cheap 2.1 set with clarity, bass and volume that’s completely uncharacteristic of a system like this. If you like volume too, this is a kit for you. Crank it all the way, go nuts, you’ll notice very little loss in sound quality.

There are of course a few caveats but for under £30, the short list is amazingly short. Some of the higher frequencies can get a little dulled and in busy movies or game sequences you can lose a little of the punch found in music, but apart from that, the only issue people might have is that the bass isn’t as powerful as you get with bigger subwoofers.

All in all, for £30 I’m more than happy saying there is almost nothing out there with the same quality and value for this sort of price tag. If you’re on a budget and want a great, and I do mean great, 2.1 set, this is the one you should buy.

A lot of power, volume goes all the way without quality loss
Punchy music tracks and impressive bass
Fantastic value for money
Looks good


Loses a little punch during action movie scenes
Little loss of clarity in high end frequencies
Bass would be better with bigger subs