Microlab H-200: Style award from hardbloxx.de

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What do you expect when watching the movie? Thunder, blasts, screams, sounds of breaking glass… After the blast on the battlefield the windows will jingle or you will have the feeling of quest somewhere in the Elvin forest or will shake with fear while watching the horror… All these effects may be introduced by really qualified acoustic system. It should not be a surround one by all the means. Much of 2.0 and 2.1 systems have all abilities to introduce such effects and atmosphere around the viewer. In our review we will test stylish H200 system from Microlab. This producer of hi-tech systems has combined sound and style in this 2.1 system. We will show you how the system behaves in our test report.

Forget famous interior designers, Ikea or Höffner products- Microlab H200 is all you need at your house! It will perfectly suit for every living room, bedroom or even nursery. Elegant, well made and compact it will be also a kind of perfect décor.

The voices are perfectly pure while basses and drums make you body dancing with the rhythm.

If you switch the system to 3d effect mode, you will really hear the sound of waterfall. The voices are performed smoothly and without any distortions. While the battles the music changes and soft bass makes the scenes with more dramatics.