MD 220 – ideal small format sounding for your notebook and tablet

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Brand new Microlab product is a little portable sound panel with the speaker. MD220 is ideal solution for smartphone and tablet users. Pure and powerful sound, universality and modern design attract every “on the way” music fan.
Most of the tablets and smartphones have weak speakers with a low power consumption and middle sound quality. You get sufficiently more effects with the Microlab MD220 using it instead of embedded ones. This compact system in a smart performance includes 2 speakers and as a result improves the sound from your tablet and the whole productivity of this kind of devices from every producer like Apple, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo or Asus. Using the standard 3,5 mm jack this device allows you to playback from tablet, smartphone or MP3/MP4 player.

Thanks to the usability, this handy and compact device allows you to enjoy music at home or while you are on trip. In spite of the small size the system has incorporated amplifier giving you opportunity to watch you top movies or simply listening to the music with greater pleasure. Metal finishing gives MD220 modern look and stylish appearance which will encourage almost everyone despite of the age.

The device may be powered with the USB or lithium battery, included in a product set.
Detailed product description
· stereo speakers with incorporated amplifier
· ideal for movies watch, games, music and mobile applications
· strict and pure sound playback
· Soundbar-design
· easy connected to the tablets, PC, notebooks, MP3/MP4, CD / DVD-players
· lithium batteries for easy replacement
· 2 options of power supply: USB and lithium batteries
· 3,5 mm stereo jack, no need in additional cables