FC 20: bass as perfection!

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For the ideal music joy and crystal playback. Together with the elegant design new Microlab FC20 gives you this.
Thanks to the incorporated digital signal processor (DSP), any type of signal from any source will be reproduced purely with no distortions. Due to the Bass reflex technology, this 2.1 system gives power and strict bass. Its intellectual memory function saves your last volume set and holds the level while you are switching from the PC to notebook and opposite. FC20 may be connected to any device with the help of 3,5 mm jack.

Detailed product description

· Powered subwoofer with incorporated amplifier
· 2.1 Subwoofer System
· digital signal processor for the quality playback
· intellectual memory function for regulation set
· 3,5 mm jack friendly
· wireless remote control for volume and frequency level regulation