FC10 – attractive design and quality

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One of the latest Microlab brand-new models – FC10 - targets the modern design and technology lovers, due to its unique shape. The system includes incorporated digital signal processor (DSP) allowing the user to feel the real sound.
Microlab FC10 is based on the famous FINE CONE technology. Besides, FC10 has the beneficial DSP technology which gives the opportunity to enjoy deep sound with the minimal distortions and loss while listening, playing or movie watching.

Hi-quality middle frequency and high frequency converters provide perfect playback of the full tones range. Active subwoofer is granting dynamic power of the digital processing, so that you get the unique vocal sound with the powered low frequencies.  

FC10 is easy to use, with the side regulation panel you can change the settings easily. Connection with 3,5 jack is also very simple and friendly to the notebooks, tablets, mobiles, MP3 players. The intellectual memory function helps you to save the last volume level when switching from notebook to PC or opposite. The speakers are available in several coloring.

Detailed product description

aesthetically beautiful design
· 2 way system for the wide frequency range playback
· digital signal processor for the strict sound playback
· intellectual memory function
· 3,5 mm jack friendly