Microlab’s 15th anniversary

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Recently, the most impressive sound equipment was just launched by Microlab M-200 Platinum.

Its stylish finish design and quality sound performance made Microlab M-200 Platinum to one of the most popular exhibits that was showed in many exhibitions and retail stores. But there was a long story behind the success.
About 15 years ago, personal computer gained its popularity. However, the computer speaker was too weak to provide the quality and clear sound. Many audio engineers were trying to solve this problem and create a speaker that can play loud and impressive sound with PC equipments. But they couldn’t find the way out…

At that moment Microlab, a small speaker designing studio, decided to create an epoch-making product that can overturn audio equipment market. They believed there was something that a good speaker should involve: the passion of music arts and the precision of finish fabrication. They invested vast resources and hired dozens of professionals to find the key. They finally figured out, what the current speaker lacked of: the deep and powerful bass effect. So they decided to create a mini hi-fi system for the desktop entertainment. With this concept, the first 2.1 speaker system M-200, finally was presented. This model completely shocked the audio market and it was a leading trend of 2.1 desktop music entertainments for a long time.

15 years passed, the technology strongly changed our lives. But the needs of good sound playing systems never faded away.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Microlab decided to update the legendary M200, and let it shine again in the speaker industry. While creating the new design, Microlab’s engineers were inspired by a car design. They found that the German-designed cars always have a strong and powerful engine to give the ultra power supply. But that is not all they have, the strict and dedicated body design also provides it a reliable looking sense and good operation experience.

It has a fashion and stylish black shell finish design and the silver aluminum bass reverse hole that revealed its high-end dignity.

The reborn of the old legend represented, that Microlab speaker has the strongest R&D and design team that would always bring surprise and vitality to customers and music fans.

M200 Platinum is going to be another legend that represents the top of audio technology.