Microlab D-22

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Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our lives without mobile devices, and many of us listen to music with their help. Even though smart phones and tablet brands are working hard to regularly release models with advanced sound features, the quality is still far from ideal. There are a variety of portable wireless speakers, greatly expanding the acoustic capabilities of mobile devices. They are easy to take with you on vacation or a party, because of the built-in battery. In this review we present seven of these portable outdoor speakers.

Many manufacturers of portable speakers paid special attention to outdoor enthusiasts, and therefore it is easy to find in stores models, protected from moisture and dust. Microlab D22 device is just one of these. Its body is made in an unusual style for Microlab. It is covered with soft silicone, which is lawn-green colored. However, the device is available in other color options. To carry the device there are special laces, which make it easier to hang on a backpack, or on bicycle handlebars. Large prominent buttons make using the device much easier.

Despite the affordable price, the loudspeaker functionality is surprisingly broad. So, there is a successfully implemented radio function. The reception quality is good. When you start auto search, we managed to catch around 27 stations. Also, there is a slot for microSD cards up to 32 GB - the device is capable to play music files offline.

There is a built-in microphone that helps to answer an incoming phone call. Its sensitivity is not too high, but at a distance of 1 meter, it sends good voice. The signal source can be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 and a wired interface. Acoustic diagram of the device includes two 1.5-inch speakers.

The lifetime of the device from the built-in battery is approximately 6 hours.

When connecting a signal source via wires sound details are more noticeable than when using Bluetooth. Individual music instruments are marked and do not mix with each other. The device sounds loud even in small rooms. But it is not well suited to fans of massive bass, because the sound of the device is dominated by high and mid frequencies.

The conclusion

Mobile speakers continue to improve. The sound quality is gradually getting better. As a confirmation of this we have some models presented in this review. These models function well, demonstrating quite good sound quality. Among others, we have identified Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2, which is characterized by high-quality sound and broad functionality - it receives the award "Editors Choice". With its relatively affordable price, Microlab D22 is also a good choice as a "Best Product To Buy"