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About us

Microlab is open, creative, dynamic trade mark. Microlab is a whole world and the people get only positive emotions within it.

We work for people, who fells not like the others. The majority consider multimedia acoustics are not able to play clear sound? We think in other direction. So we produce high quality multimedia acoustic systems, which are not concede well known Hi-Fi speakers.
It’s considered to be mp3 files compression decrease sound quality, but we perform models, that are specially designed for mp3 best quality playing. They provide significant quality sound.

We aspire to make the world more brightly, interesting and variously. It’s possible only for those who have own life view, who can dream and trust his feelings. So we appreciate such a people, who gets used think like no others. We appreciate YOU!

Quality of our products is confirmed by quality certificates.
Our products have earned numerous awards
Thousands of people are working on the quality of our products
Millions of fans are impressed by the sound of our products…
We could talk about our products very long … but we won’t…
Better, than thousand words , sound will prove it…
You will believe us… just listen…

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