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Microlab MD112: awarded by media-mixture.de

Summer is coming and calling us outside: seas and oceans, swimming pools and barbeque on the green green grass... What do we have for relax outside? Beer, games and the squeezing sound coming out of your little smart phones...

Microlab represented better solution for this trouble in summer Microlab MD112 which is actually the mini-speaker for the mobile phones, MP3 players, notebooks, FM radios and much much more. It is ideal for the trips thanks its storage battery, pretty sound and nice appearance.

And now we can taste the sounding with our test.
Microlab FC 360: Recomendation Award by PC PRO

If you don't want to fiddle about with surround sound, or lash out potfuls of cash on an audiophile setup, there's an awful lot to be said for hooking some simple 2.1 speakers such as these Microlabs to your PC.
Microlab M-700U: Gold award from the Cartagos Review

Microlab M-700U is a 2.1 system leaving nice impression especially taking into account the costs of less than 55 €.
Impressing quality and very good sounding remind more expensive systems. Strong bass and perfect medium frequencies sound like the system for 200 €.
Microlab H-200 2.1 Silver award from hardwareluxx.de

Microlab H-200 has honestly gained the Silver Cartago award mostly due to its accuracy.
Microlab M-700U: Performance award from gamezoom.net

Microlab H-200: Style award from hardbloxx.de

What do you expect when watching the movie? Thunder, blasts, screams, sounds of breaking glass… After the blast on the battlefield the windows will jingle or you will have the feeling of quest somewhere in the Elvin forest or will shake with fear while watching the horror… All these effects may be introduced by really qualified acoustic system. It should not be a surround one by all the means. Much of 2.0 and 2.1 systems have all abilities to introduce such effects and atmosphere around the viewer.  In our review we will test stylish H200 system from Microlab. This producer of hi-tech systems has combined sound and style in this 2.1 system. We will show you how the system behaves in our test report.
Microlab 880: Best Buy award from PCarena

-880 is declared to be a kind of mix of style and nice price. We have decided to check it and describe in our test.
Microlab FC 362W: golden award from HW-journal.de

Up to the moment just the notebooks were considered as portative devices. But connecting speakers to them required cables and wires, which limit your ability to move around the room. Not any more! Microlab’s new wireless systems free you from wires. After all, portable sound should be wireless!
Microlab M700U: Editors Choice by xsreviews.co.uk

Sound is one of the most overlooked areas of PC enthusiast-dom. Its not as exciting as overclocking your GPU and its difficult to measure the quality. That said, getting yourself a good set of speakers/headphones can make a big difference to your media viewing and game playing, but the price can be a difficult barrier.

Today Im looking at a 2.1 speaker set from Microlab known as the M700. Its supposed to have big bass, big sound without the big price tag. Lets see if those claims ring true.
Microlab M 500II: Performance award from gamezoom.de

The acoustic system Microlab M500 II 2.1 should first of all interest the thrifty users.
Microlab H 12W: Editors Choice by tech-review.de

Many users still do not take seriously the sound for the personal computers and factually there are lots of reasons for this. They have never had the joy of listening to the high-class sytem and consider these devices as something secondary. Others face the lack on the working space or unavailability of connection of the notebook to quality acoustic system for the best performance. In order to solve the last issue Microlab Electronics has recently represented its new H 12W system. In this case W means wireless trasmission of the sound signal to the speakers. So that you may use H 12W at sufficently greater distances while having the comfortable seat at you favourite sofa with the Notebook.
Microlab H 12W: Price / Performance Award by tech-review.de

You may use H 12W at sufficently greater distances while having the comfortable seat at you favourite sofa with the Notebook.
Microlab SOLO-6C: Worth Buying Award by kitguru.net

If you have just built an updated computer in 2011 then a new, high quality set of speakers should not be underestimated. There are no shortage of high quality speakers at a £200+ price point, but what if you have only £100 to spend? Are you left with only clinical, harsh, poorly designed budget speakers? Microlab might just have the answer with the Solo 6C set of speakers, designed by Danish audio expert Peter Larsen.

Microlab H-200: Reference-Award from http://www.hardwaremax.net

Microlab H200 is inspiring us together with the future owners!
Microlab SOLO 6C: IN4.PL - "recommendation" and "best buy" for the perfect sound in its price class.

Microlab SOLO 7C - Choice of Expert Award 2008

Microlab SOLO 7C: Recommendation by IT-Experts Editorial Board
Microlab FC 362W: Price/Performance Award bei OverclockingStation.de

While testing the model we were impressed by the quality of the sound which is closer to the quality of more expensive systems. We had the opportunity to enjoy the pure sound on each volume without any distortions or alien effects.
Microlab H 200: The leader in 2.1 speaker systems

In comparative testing of 2.1 speaker systems, Microlab H200 speakers were named the Leader in their Class.
Microlab SOLO-6 Stereo Amplified Speaker System Review

Today we look at one of the pieces Peter Larsen helped develop, namely the Microlab SOLO-6. The SOLO-6 is a versatile speaker system with a competitive price. point in mind. But dont let that fool you because this thing can belt out!
Microlab SOLO 6C: CD Action ECO - best ratio Price/Performance

...it is hard to find such a good speakers by such low price...
Microlab FC 330: best design

Microlab FC 530U: Choice of Expert Award 2011

Microlab FC530U: Recommendation by IT-Experts Editorial Board
Microlab FC 530U: Product of the Year 2011

Microlab FC 362W: GOLD Award by overclockingstation.de

While testing the model we were impressed by the quality of the sound which is closer to the quality of more expensive systems. We had the opportunity to enjoy the pure sound on each volume without any distortions or alien effects.
Microlab Solo 15: Hardwareportal.ru - "best buy" for the perfect sound.

According to an Internet resource HWP, Microlab SOLO-15 is worthy to be called "excellent choise".
Read more about this award here
Microlab SOLO6C: the Best value Award by tweaktown.com

The SOLO6C from Microlab is a feature laden and value packed 2.0 stereo solution that manages to strike the magic balance of real honest value and performance in a well made package. A real pleasure for anyone who enjoys refined audio, especially high quality music.
Microlab H-200: Price-Performance Award and Editors Choice Award from tech-review.de

As an outcome, Microlab H200 is one of the best products in this price range and will suit any audience for this 150 € price.
Microlab FC 362W: Recomendation by pcfoster.pl

Once again Microlab has proved the knowledge of how to introduce the quality multimedia speakers.
Microlab Solo 15: Award by digitale-generation.de

SOLO15 provides the perfect price:quality ratio. Its finishing and power are encouraging. The sound is more than good for the system with just 2 speakers. The appearance is also handsome so that we may recommend you the product as a best buy decision.
Microlab FC 362: Bronze-Award by hardware-factory.com

Any of us is striving to buy the best quality sound for the lower price. Many of the honorable producers suggest the high quality sound in the multimedia acoustics segment in order to help customers to find the best choice in their range.

Microlab Electronics follows this customer oriented direction presenting its FC362 to the market.

Microlab describes itself as an open, creative and dynamic brand and attracts the customer with the 2.1 systems for the workspace or home apartments without the necessity to compromise in design or assembly quality.
Microlab SOLO-15: High End Award by gamezoom.net

And one more time Microlab has proved the knowledge of how to produce the perfect speakers without overloading the market. SOLO15 povide you better assembly quality together with the clever use of potential, which is even more than stated by the producer. This gives you the advantage of pure sound delight. Even on the maximum volume.

Hannes opinion: Perfect price/quality ratio. Editors choice!
Microlab FC 362W: Award by GamingXP

If your are interested in buying the acoustic system with the perfect sound but for the slight price, Microlab FC362W should be object of your attention. Due to the ordinary appearance it may perfectly suit every apartment interior together with the home theater or your work place, providing the quality sound.
Microlab FC 330: IN4.PL - "recommendation" and "best buy" for the perfect sound in its price class

Appearance is a matter of taste, but for sure it colud not be described as ugly. Personaly I like design , espacially its wooden sides and black veneer of solid MDF.
Its finish and materials are in good quality and it`s hard to believe that it can be bought by Internet in price of 205 PLN. In that price this set is great occasion.
Microlab FC530U: Price/Performance Award by hardwaremax.net

Microlab as it creates such a product at a price of 70 ? to bring to the market is frankly a mystery to us. Reason enough beside our Price / Performance Award to give the Gold Award.
Microlab FC 362W: High End - Award by gamezoom.net

Microlab is on the way to every customer. With the widest range of acoustic systems having the perfect price-performance ratio winning of the European market will not take much time.
Microlab SOLO 7C - RECOMENDATION award in comparative test with MODECOM and GENIUS

PCLab has recently tested three competing stereos speakers - the winner is the only one!
Microlab Solo 7C is a set that impresses in virtually every field. Performance is at least good, despite few minor slips in assembly.
Black is a universal color, perfectly fitting not only into the room with the computer, but also to the living room where TV stands. And most important, Microlab Solo 7C is really great playing for that price.
Competition remained behind. What can be read online about the possibilities of the set, it is true - as to whether we do not have the slightest doubt... With unconcealed enthusiasm we recommend this product.
Microlab FC530U: GOLD award by hardwaremax.net

We must honestly confess that we have not expected such a performance. After unpacking the speakers was clear that this is something special. Whether it is the successful processing, dynamic sound, or the dry, fast bass.
Even all the possibilities one has with the autonomous system speak for itself. One can in any situation where FC 530U music used is desirable. The USB connection and FM tuners allow rapid adaptation to the environment and also leaves nothing to be desired technically sound.
Microlab FC 330: recomendation from CD-Action

CD-Action magazine editors have admitted Microlab FC 330 to be the best product in Quality / Price ratio.
Microlab SOLO-6C: High End Award by gamezoom.net

Maximum sound for the better price. Editors choice!
Nice finishing, beautiful appearance, impressive size, pure and power sound for the maximum use. There is nothing more to propose to satisfy the customer. Size is the only thing that can stop some of the customers but power needs the space.
Microlab FC530U: GOOD PRICE award by FrazPC

It is really hard to find an alike set at a similar price range, offering so wide spectrum of possibilities. Big adventage is a classic design that will appeal to people who like retro style.

Another advantage is a built-in FM radio - and I'm not talking about its quality, but the idea which seems interesting, because you can always listen to some interesting broadcast without using a computer. For lovers of theirs own music there is the possibility of using the built-in SD card reader and USB interface.

Microlab FC 362W: Silver-Award on www.digitale-generation.de

The highest performance, justified price, useful and friendly functions together with the high assembly quality raises FC362W on top and bring it our firm recommendation to try for all the music fans.
Microlab SOLO 2: BEST QUALITY award in comparative test

Microlab Solo 2 has won BEST QUALITY award in comparative test with Genius SW-G2.1 1250 and Logitech Z313
Microlab H 11: best innovation of the month

Microlab H-11 has been recognized as the best innovation of the month according to PC magazine!
Microlab SOLO 7C - technical perfection 2009

Microlab SOLO 7C: Recommendation by IT-Experts Editorial Board
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