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interesting facts about sound... sound frequencies and age

The older a human, the less upper sound frequencies he can hear.

interesting facts about sound... deaf people can dance

The deaf often dance to music, for the sound penetrates into their internal ear through the floor and skeleton bones.

interesting facts about sound... Beethoven

Do you know some interesting facts about sound? Here is one of them:

Being deaf does not mean hearing nothing; moreover it does not mean having no “ear for music”.

Microlab SOLO 7C - RECOMENDATION award in comparative test with MODECOM and GENIUS

PCLab has recently tested three competing stereos speakers - the winner is the only one!
Microlab Solo 7C is a set that impresses in virtually every field. Performance is at least good, despite few minor slips in assembly.
Black is a universal color, perfectly fitting not only into the room with the computer, but also to the living room where TV stands. And most important, Microlab Solo 7C is really great playing for that price.
Competition remained behind. What can be read online about the possibilities of the set, it is true - as to whether we do not have the slightest doubt... With unconcealed enthusiasm we recommend this product.

Microlab FC 330: Strongly recommended by "CD-Action" magazine!

“CD-Action” magazine editors have admitted Microlab FC 330 to be the best product in Quality / Price ratio.

Microlab SOLO-6C: High End Award by gamezoom.net

Maximum sound for the better price. Editor’s choice!
Nice finishing, beautiful appearance, impressive size, pure and power sound for the maximum use. There is nothing more to propose to satisfy the customer. Size is the only thing that can stop some of the customers but power needs the space.

Microlab FC-530U: 2.1 speakers with radio and SD card reader for 270 PLN

After upacking, new Microlab's speakers present very well, what is very important: after all, they have to compose well with our furniture. There is nothing to shame of - leather imitation and MDF are made properly.

Microlab FC530U: award by FrazPC

It is really hard to find an alike set at a similar price range, offering so wide spectrum of possibilities. Big adventage is a classic design that will appeal to people who like retro style.

Another advantage is a built-in FM radio -  and I'm not talking about its quality, but the idea which seems interesting, because you can always listen to some interesting broadcast without using a computer. For lovers of theirs own music  there is the possibility of using the built-in SD card reader and USB interface.

Microlab FC 362W: Silver-Award on www.digitale-generation.de

The highest performance, justified price, useful and friendly functions together with the high assembly quality raises FC362W on TOP and bring it our firm recommendation (Best Buy) to try for all the music fans.

We rate this systems as Very Good and grant it with the Silver Award for the perfect Price/Quality ratio in addition to the system’s capacities and convincing sounding.

Microlab FC 362W has won the GOLD Award and Price/Performance Award by overclockingstation.de

While testing the model we were impressed by the quality of the sound which is closer to the quality of more expensive systems. We had the opportunity to enjoy the pure sound on each volume without any distortions or alien effects.

There is no doubt in Microlab FC362W is a good, or even exlellent 2.1 system. Wireless technology has no bugs, even in case the location of the sound source in a next room. Besides that, the assembly quality is on top.
Of course you may find the systems with the higher characteristics on the market  but the cost will make sence.

Taking into account the test results and the system capabilities we grant FC362W with our major prize – GOLD AWARD, having in mind some slight shortages.
Moreover, we are awarding this system with the PRICE/PERFORMANCE AWARD for the perfect price/performance combination.

Microlab SOLO6C has won the Best value Award by tweaktown.com

The SOLO6C from Microlab is a feature laden and value packed 2.0 stereo solution that manages to strike the magic balance of real honest value and performance in a well made package. A real pleasure for anyone who enjoys refined audio, especially high quality music.

Microlab Electronics Co., Ltd has been awarded the Global Manufacturer Certificate, GMC.

This certificate is given based on the following compliance with GMC standards:
• Genuine manufacturer
• High-quality products
• Dedicated Export Team
• Considerable company size
• Research and Development Capability
• Social and Environmental Responsibility
• OEM/ODM experience
• Trustworthiness and Reputation

Microlab FC 330 - powerful sound for a nominal price

In the assessment we should remember that this speaker set has very affordable price. We can buy the Microlab FC 330  for less than 200 PLN.
Having a choice between
this set and other plastic made products, we strongly recommend FC 330. There remains only question about user's convenience. If you do not mind the lack of pilot and control on the subwoofer, these speakers will be fully satisfying.
These speaker are ideal for music, movies and video games.

Test review of our new multifunction acoustic 2.1 system: M-700U

Previously you could see our video review of this model. Now you can read this review entirely.

New M-700U system by Microlab Electronics arises the interest just from the simple description of its expected characteristics. This is not the typical home PC acoustics but a kind of combination of 2.1 multimedia system and classical musical centre (micro system).

Microlab FC530U: multimedia acoustics with the musical centre function

Recently Microlab Electronics has widened the product range of the 2.1 systems with the incorporated USB, SD readers and FM tuner. One of these novelties is now in our test lab. Please meet Microlab FC530U

Microlab FC530U: multimedia acoustics with the musical centre function

Recently Microlab Electronics has widened the product range of the 2.1 systems with the incorporated USB, SD readers and FM tuner. One of these novelties is now in our test lab. Please meet Microlab FC530U.

Microlab SOLO-6 Stereo Amplified Speaker System Review

There are a lot of companies who go under the radar when you have the bigger companies controlling the market. One of these companies is Microlab Technology Co. LTD operating out of China. You’ve probably never heard of Microlab before but this review will introduce you to this relatively unknown manufacturer that has been producing some very good products overseas and has even famous loudspeaker specialist Peter Larson working as an acoustic consultant.
Today we look at one of the pieces Peter Larsen helped develop, namely the Microlab SOLO-6. The SOLO-6 is a versatile speaker system with a competitive price. point in mind. But don’t let that fool you because this thing can belt out!

Microlab Solo 15: "best buy" for the perfect sound.

According to an Internet resource HWP, Microlab SOLO-15 is worthy to be called "excellent choise".

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Microlab FC530U: Recommendation by IT-Expert’s Editorial Board

Expert’s Choice Award for FC530U speaker system
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